Eric & Corinna

Corinna, Eric, Erica, and Lyrica

Arrived in Madison at the end of February. Originally from the Sheboygan area, they were forced to seek shelter here because all of the shelters are full where they are from and have been turning families away. Eric and Corinna became homeless after Eric lost his job, Corinna was unable to work due to her expecting their 3rd child any day, their landlord evicted them.

Corinna found The Beacon online and saw the resources that would be helpful for her family to get a fresh start. They have 3 daughters and have remained a strong family unit through this difficult time. Their oldest daughter, Daisy 13, enjoys drawing, dancing and she loves learning. Eric and Corinna are very proud of how hard she works at school. Lyrica is 2 and she enjoys playing with her friends in the family room. She really enjoys dancing and play-doh. Erica is 4 months and is a very happy baby. All of these changes have been difficult on Eric and Corinna, but through all of these struggles, they have appreciated the staff and how caring everyone has been. Eric has a job interview scheduled and they were able to get connected to food share.

Thanks to supporters like you, The Beacon has been able to help connect this family to resources for a new beginning.