Coach-Team Leader

Reports to: Day Resource Center Designated Staff, Volunteer Coordinator

Located: First and Second Floors- (float wherever support is needed) Shares office with Volunteer Coordinator

Skills Needed:

  • Patient, respectful, organized and friendly
  • Management, Teaching or Coaching Experience
  • A good communicator and motivator of people
  • Learns quickly, will never ask someone to do something they would not do themselves
  • Flexible and willing to go where needed to help


  • Master areas of volunteer work & then coach and train others to do them
  • Encourage volunteers, offer suggestions and help as needed
  • Keep track of anecdotal information
  • Be a positive person who values volunteers and their contribution
  • Make sure volunteers are logging all hours
  • Go where needed to coach people who are new or having difficulty mastering tasks
  • Diffuse any stressful or difficult situations as able
  • Listens to and encourages volunteers when they face challenges
  • Suggest recognition & Positive reinforcement
  • Ability to do Volunteer Coordinator’s Role when on extended leave

Training for Position:

  • Orientation, including resource access training (done by Volunteer Coordinator & Center Director)
  • Protecting God’s Children (done by CC Human Resources Staff)
  • On-the-job training with Volunteer Coordinator
  • Additional voluntary continuing training is available 3x monthly
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