Laundry Services Manager

Reports to: Day Resource Center Designated Staff, Volunteer Coordinator

Located: First Floor Laundry Room (Hours for Laundry are 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. ONLY)

Skills Needed:

  • Greet each guest with a friendly attitude.
  • Open laundry at 8:00 AM and sign in guests who want their laundry done in order of arrival.
  • Give guests a numbered laundry bag (bags are numbered 1-30) in Laundry Registration area and fill with their laundry.
  • Remind guests empty all pockets.
  • Guests deliver numbered laundry bag filled with dirty laundry to laundry room volunteers over the half-door entry to the laundry room.
  • Volunteers always wear rubber gloves while handling soiled laundry.
  • Volunteers log each load of laundry onto a clipboard with name of guest and their laundry bag number.
  • Two laundry room volunteers do the laundry. They wash, dry, loosely fold, and place a guest’s clean laundry in a clean plastic bag numbered with adhesive label matching the guest’s laundry bag number.
  • Volunteers pick up their clean laundry at 1pm.
  • Volunteers keep laundry area tidy, swept and wiped clean every day. Including wiping down machines.

Sewing & Mending Intake:

  • Volunteers also take items to be mended and fill out claim slip with guest, bag item to be mended (should be washed first) and staple carbon of claim slip to the bag and put on shelf for sewing/mending volunteers.
  • Call the guest’s number when the repaired items are returned.

Work Clothing Requests:

  • Volunteers take requests for specific work-related clothing items (i.e. black, non-slip shoes, size 10 Men’s, or Women’s steel -toed boots size 9, or white button down shirt, size XL Women’s) and give them to Volunteer Coordinator at end of shift.
  • When items arrive, they are bagged and the request slip with the person’s name on it is stapled to the bag and put on claim shelf inside of laundry area until the person claims them.
  • Items should always be new or like-new condition.
  • Call the number on the slip to let them know their requested items are at the Day Resource Center. If the items are there for more than a week, let the Volunteer Coordinator know.
  • The Laundry cannot accept any donated items that are not a request for a specific person for work purposes.

Training for Position:

  • Orientation, including resource access training (done by Volunteer Coordinator & Center Director)
  • Protecting God’s Children (done by CC Human Resources Staff)
  • On-the-job training with Volunteer Coordinator
  • OSHA BBP Training
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