Shower Services Supervisor

Reports to: Day Resource Center Designated Staff, Volunteer Coordinator

Located: First Floor in hallway by the shower area (showers open from 8:00 am-5:00 pm)

Skills Needed:

  • Greet each guest with a friendly attitude
  • Register guests first-come first served in the shower area for the 7 showers
  • Make sure guests understand shower limits/rules 20 minutes each (allow for 5-10 minutes of change over time- especially as the shower program is new)
  • Hand out fresh towels and personal hygiene kits to each guest that does not have their own
  • Collect and wash/dry and fold used towels each shift and wash after 1 in Laundry area (after guest laundry is closed)
  • Keep track of shower end and start times so people don’t have to wait too long for their turn, but allocate more time for people who have mobility issues, are elderly, or look like it’s been a long time since they have had the opportunity to shower.
  • If guest goes over their time, gently knock on the door and call them by their first name and let them know in friendly voice that their time is up and ask if they are OK?
  • Always wear rubber gloves while cleaning shower area. Spray/Sanitize and wipe down Showers in-between uses especially areas where bare skin would touch. We use only EPA registered detergents/disinfectants to remove any residual bacteria and make it sanitary and clean for the next guest.
  • Keep shower area neat and clean for guests
  • The last shift of the day should count out personal care kits and let the volunteer coordinator know how many are left, and set up for the next day’s morning shift.
  • Sanitize and squeegee shower area after last showers of day. (cleaning staff will scrub down after hours each night).
  • If a guest has a physical disability and needs assistance showering, alert the Volunteer Coordinator and she will contact the Medical Volunteer Staff to arrange a regular shower time for that individual with an RN to assist them (may take a few days).


  • Assist staff with record keeping, organizing and other paperwork as necessary
  • Confirm Volunteers via text or phone each week
  • Keep track of anecdotal information
  • Assist with Monthly E-Newsletter
  • Data Entry
  • Design and collect Surveys of volunteers, staff and guests as directed

Training for Position:

  • Orientation, including resource access training (done by Volunteer Coordinator & Center Director)
  • Protecting God’s Children (done by CC Human Resources Staff)
  • On-the-job training with Volunteer Coordinator
  • Additional voluntary continuing training is available 3x monthly
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